Martha Thurlow headshot

Martha Thurlow is a Senior Research Associate at the National Center on Educational Outcomes. In this position, she addresses the implications of contemporary U.S. policy and practice for students with disabilities and English Learners, including national and statewide assessment policies and practices, standards-setting efforts, and graduation requirements. Dr. Thurlow has conducted research and technical assistance for the past 45 years in a variety of areas, including assessment and decision making, learning disabilities, early childhood education, dropout prevention, effective classroom instruction, and integration of students with disabilities in general education settings.

Dr. Thurlow has published extensively on all of these topics, authoring numerous books and book chapters, and publishing more than 200 articles and reports. She served as co-Editor of Exceptional Children from 1995 to 2003, the research journal of the Council for Exceptional Children, and is currently an associate editor for numerous journals.