Both TIES Center and other organizations have published resources that provide useful information related to the inclusion of students with significant cognitive disabilities.

TIES Center Publications

TIES Center’s new electronic interactive Brief, 10 Reasons to Support Inclusive School Communities for ALL Students, can be used by educators and family members to talk with one another and others about the importance of creating and supporting inclusive school communities. A PDF of the brief is also available.


TIES Center recently published a report, How States Interpret the LRE Clause of IDEA: A Policy Analysis, which examines how states interpret special education regulations associated with the Individuals with Disabilities (IDEA) act, regulations around the least restrictive environment (LRE) clause, the continuum of alternative placements, and the placement for students with disabilities.

Especially for Parents

This section is a one-stop toolkit that contains information and resources for parents related to the inclusion of students with significant cognitive disabilities.


The materials hosted here will help educators support instruction aligned to state content standards in order to ensure access and inclusion in the general curriculum. This section includes Curriculum Resources that will reinforce educators' understanding of curriculum content, Instructional Resources that are created to support classroom teaching, Professional Development Materials, and a Communications Toolkit.

Links to some resources currently available will be added here.

Systemic Change

The materials hosted here provide resources that states and districts can use to support systems change effort that will support the inclusion of students with significant cognitive disabilities in inclusive classrooms.


A Truly Inclusive Society: Encouraging the Ability in Disability by Sheryl Lazarus, September 24, 2018