5-15-45 Tool: Linking Available Time with Meaningful Collaboration


The life of an educator is fast-paced! Sometimes it feels like just being able to catch your breath is challenging. Yet, we know that general and special education collaboration is key to quality inclusive education for students with disabilities, including students with significant cognitive disabilities. Figuring out how to balance these competing pressures is essential in today’s schools. 

How much time do you have?

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5 minutes
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What if you only have 5 minutes to collaborate with a colleague? What can be accomplished to plan inclusive instruction? What if you have 15 minutes? 45 minutes? Quality planning that leads to meaningful change for student instruction is possible. The TIES Center’s  5-15-45 Tool guides teams to use the time that is available to consider the content, instructional strategies, and barriers to learning for all students in the general education classroom, including students with significant cognitive disabilities. The tool applies whether you are meeting virtually or in-person. Check it out!