TIES Center is the national technical assistance center on inclusive practices and policies. Its purpose is to create sustainable changes in kindergarten-grade 8 school and district educational systems so that students with significant cognitive disabilities can fully engage in the same instructional and non-instructional activities as their general education peers while being instructed in a way that meets individual learning needs. ​

We offer resources for educators; parents and families; and state, district, and school administrators that support inclusive education and system change. 

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Parent Video Series: Two New Videos on Supporting Math at Home!

Helping Your Child with the Foundations of Math While at Home

Helping Your Child with Math While at Home

Understanding math concepts and how they apply in one's world are skills that open opportunities both during preK-12 and upon graduation.

The TIES Center is excited to have released two new videos on math as part of its Resources for Children with Significant Cognitive Disabilities parent video series. Created in collaboration with the National Center for Educational Outcomes, the videos share the importance of teaching math concepts to students with significant cognitive disabilities, how math concepts apply in their everyday lives, and ways for parents to embed math into family routines.

Check out these two math videos, as well as the whole video series, for supporting learning at home. Share them with your child's teacher to discuss more specific ideas for supporting your child at home.